HPSBFFT2008 – Chapter 8: Hagerstown, MD to Adamstown, MD (35 mi.)

Ok, I admit. I’m cheating a bit with this entry.

I’m writing it a day late and I’m not even in Adamstown anymore, but I committed to writing one post for every day of my tip, so we’ll just pretend that I’m not delinquent; k?

Friday morning, I woke up at Dad’s and was relieved to realize that for the first time in my spring break trip, I had no real agenda for the day. I just had to be at Mom and Cal’s by dinner time. I took my time getting in gear, and managed to knock out some laundry and a phone interview for a summer internship before I left Dad’s around noon.

I headed east toward Frederick, stopping at the toy store to pick up some gifts for the nieces (Spoilin’ the nieces: that’s the way I roll.) and then over to Grandma’s to visit for a while. I was at Mom’s by 3:30 and had a nice rest of the day hanging out and drinking beer and snacking and eventually falling asleep on the couch until about 2:30.

That’s also the way I roll.

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