HPSBFFT2008 – Chapter 9: Adamstown, MD to Winooski, VT (531 mi.)

Better late than never, right?

Ok, no. I never really believed that one either.

So, fine, I’m a little late in posting the last chapter in the great Historic Preservation Spring Break Fact Finding Trip of 2008. I hope you canb forgive me. If so, join me now as we rewind the hands of time to an era that passed almost a week ago.


I just wanted to be home.

I had had a great trip. I’d spent some quality time in the car and satisfyed the gypsy in me. I had broadened my horizons; had listened to and spoken with some friendly and knowledgeable people. I had spent time with friends, had laughed with family, and had surrounded myself with my home lands.

But home wasn’t home any more. When you get married, you relate your sense of place less with a patch of dirt and more with a person and a smile.

My home was five hundred miles north. And I’d been away too long.

So, I cut the great spring break trip short by a day.  Ihopped in my car on Saturday morning and started moving. And I didn’t stop for ten hours unil I was in Vermont and next to Emily.

And now I’m back. Getting back in to the swing of the semester, thinking about assignments and summer internships, and summer trips, and life and etc, and etc, and etc.

A paper will follow from the great spring break fact finding trip. That, after all, was the point. But it’ll be later in the semester after I’ve had time to assimilate all the knowledge and organize.

Later – maybe this week, but maybe not – I’ll post some pictures from the trip and some final thoughts.

But for now, my work for the week is done. It’s a day of blue skies and a high sun. Time to go play.

One thought on “HPSBFFT2008 – Chapter 9: Adamstown, MD to Winooski, VT (531 mi.)

  1. hey mike. i enjoyed reading up on your travels, and especially enjoyed getting to catch up with you in baltimore. hopefully emily will be with you next time.

    looking forward to seeing those photos, and hearing more about the battle of blair mountain.


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