HPSBFFT2008 – Chapter 7: Charleston, WV to Hagerstown, MD (310 mi.)

I took my time getting up-and-at-’em on my last morning in Charleston. I figured I didn’t have to check out until noon, so I was going to take all the time I needed. I slept late, got up and showered, got dressed, packed, checked out, and was on the road by 11:30.

I drove north on twisty, hilly I-79 for two hours and then got off to get lunch. Oh, Arby’s, how I’ve missed you. Vermont doesn’t know what it’s missing.

While chowing down on both a Chicken, Bacon, ‘n Swiss (my favorite ingredient? the ‘n.) and a junior roast beef, I checked my map and saw I was only one exit away from US Route 50, so I decided I was tired of the interstate and would take the back roads for a while. I took 50 for 30 miles or so in to Maryland and then took route 219 north past Deep Creek Lake and hooked up with I-68 west of Cumberland. Pedal-to-the-metal, I flew the rest of the wasy and was in Hagerstown and at Dad’s just as dinner went on the stove.

I had a great night with Dad and Darlene, with Ann and the girls. I was tired and went to bed early and had a surprisingly good night of sleep on a bed that I previously thought was among the world’s most uncomfortable.

Today it’s on to Frederick and more family time with Mom and Cal.

I’m considering├é┬ádoing the entire drive home to Vermont in one day; tomorrow.

I love my family and I love my friends and it’s been a great trip, but I just want to be home with my wife.

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