Roadtrip-a-thon 2010: Prologue

In perhaps an hour I leave for a sorely needed vacation. The next week will bring family, friends, many miles on the car, and the mythic dirt of home.

Tonight we’re Toledo-bound for no other reason that Toledo is about the point we’ll be getting tired, there’s a Hampton Inn, and Hampton Inns have free and tasty breakfasts. Friday through Monday will be spent at the family cabin in central PA. Then it’s on to Binghamton, Baltimore, and Frederick before we point our car west once more. We’ll be back in the Chicago area (hopefully) on the 10th, leaving one lovely day to veg out and destress (and, importantly, not drive) before we have to return to real life.

So, c’mon vacay. Get yourself started. I have some beers to drink, some laughing to do, and some people to see.

Can’t wait.

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