Bitchy McDreadlocks

I just had the nicest conversation with a neighbor. Anyone who thinks civility and good manners are dead should meet my neighbor – who’s name I can only assume is Bitchy McDreadlocks – to be proved…… well……. totally and completely right.

I got home from work today a little after 5. Soon after, Emily and I noticed there was a dog locked in a car in the driveway next door. Howling. Intermittantly but persistantly. It howled for 4 more hours. We debated what to do. I went on a little recon mission and determined whose dog it wasn’t and that the doorbell for the owner was going unanswered.  So we debated some more and Emily finally decided to place a call in to our friendly neighborhood police force.

Like it couldn’t have been scheduled any better, as soon as she hung up, the owner (Bitchy McDreadlocks) came out to check on the dog; to walk and water it…….. and lock it right back in the car.

So I went out there.

Turns out I’m a huuuuge dick for daring to question her dog-rearing capabilities. Her friend got in a car accident, has a fucked up leg, is crashing on her couch, their dogs don’t get along, and have I no sympathy at all?

In truth, my side of the conversation was conducted in a calm, rational, polite-but-serious manner. Hers was conducted ina high pitched, flustered voice over her shoulder as she walked away from me. Of course, being me, I did sort of come a little unglued at the end. No yelling (as may have happened in the past) but as she mounted her stoop and muttered various curses under her breath, I let loose with a heavily sarcastic “Well it was sure reeeal nice talking with you.”

When we saw her out there with the dog (but before I talked to her) we gave her the benefit of the doubt and cancelled the call in to the police.

But now?

The dog’s still out there and the dog’s still howling and if it’s still howling when it’s time for bed, the cops are getting another call.

You’re god damn right they are.

I mean, she told me that I was crazy for asserting that a locked car was not an ideal place for a dog to spend the night.

One thought on “Bitchy McDreadlocks

  1. So did ya call the baltimore spca? We found out the hard way a few years ago that it is illegeal to keep animals locked in the car in the city. After a day at the dog park we knocked a few back in Fells Pt. only to get a call from the Spca stating that “we have your dog”. They broke into the car, disconnected the battery to shut the alarm off and stoled our dog. Mobtown cops then kept it over the weekend as puppy prison wasn’t open on the Monday due to holiday. $80 puppy fine woulda taught Judge Dread a lesson.

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