Face Diamonds, Boat “Shows”, and Creepy Stalker-like Shoutouts

I don’t think my body has gotten the memo that I’m not really stressed about anything.

It’s certainly acting like I am.

When I’m stressed, I sleep with clenched teeth. Which is exactly what happened last night. Thus, I woke up with a headache. And, as headaches often do, this one made me… you guessed it… clench my teeth. Obviously, this has perpetuated the headache. Fabulous.

If I had a lump of carbon and some was of implanting it between my forehead and jaw I don’t think student loans would be an issue any more because – yup – diamond.

Today I went to the Burlington “Boat Show” which is in ironical quotes for a very special reason. (And I used ‘ironical’ just to be ironic. I think I’m about to reach critical mass here.) Anywho, it was indeed in Burlington, it did indeed feature boats, and what with the signs and several food vendors, I suppose it technically qualified as a show. But sheesh. There was an overwhelming feeling of reluctance and lethargy about the place. Like no one, vendors and attendees, wanted to be there.

Once I went to an RV show when I was a.)single and b.)not really interested in RVs and left seriously considering buying one. Today’s boat show…. meh. And I really do want to buy a boat someday. But today just made me want to put that boat-buying day off and go find something slightly more interesting to do.


And now, a little segment I like to call “Fun with Site Stats”.

I like to check in with my site statistics from time to time. See how many people are reading the ol’ page (hint: not many), what entries they look at, and where they’re from. In a highly scientific poll of website owners 100% of them admitted to doing the same. Ok, fine, my sample population consisted entirely of myself, but the only other individual in the room is the cat and her site, bitchiestbitchthateverbitched.info is sadly still in the planning stages.

Whatever. The point is that I know all and you can hide nothing from me. Well, nothing that sitemeter.com doesn’t assemble, collate, and present to me.

So, this week I’d like to give a special Hey-How-Ya-Doin’? to two new visitors. I have no idea who they are, but their visits to this here page caught my eye and I thought I’d say hi.

The first jumped out at me based on location. Hello to Paris, France! I hope you’re enjoying yourself and that I haven’t come off too much like a pig-headed American. Give it time, that will come.

The second is for someone visiting from some sort of hedgehog-related URL. When I was a sophomore in college, my roommates wanted everyone to chip in to buy a hedgehog for the room. I said no. One of the best decisions I ever made. Why? Because they still bought the thing, it was still a good conversation started and was gold as far as the cute-girl “aww-how-adorable” factor went, but as I didn’t chip in for the thing, I also didn’t have to buy it any food or clean it’s cage. I am a genius. Also, selfish.

Anyway; hello to France and hello to Hedgehog. I’m glad you’re here.

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