Next Door Dog Situation – UPDATE!!!

…Just a quick update on yesterday’s dog situtaion.

After I posted I sat and fumed for a while while the dog continued to howl. Eventually I decided to use vent in my third most common way – video games. (The first two, of course, being a-the wife, and b-the blog.)

So, I’m playing Splinter Cell and getting tired and thinking about calling the cops before bed when I hear a racket outside. Loud voices, loud arguments, lots of really choice language, a car door slams, and the car with the dog inside leaves for parts unknown.

A little later, the car came back without the dog.

I hope the little bugger’s ok. I’d like to think it is. When the owner was bitching at me, even though she came across as a total idot, it was obvious that she was trying to do what she thought was best for the dog. (Even though, as we’ve previously covered, what she thought was best was in fact completely and totally bass-ackwardsly wrong.) So I don’t think she drove the dog to the country and left it for dead or anything.

My guess is she found a friend to take it in for the time being.

Anyway, no more dog locked in a car. No more loud howling.

With the problem solved, it was time to sleep.

So I did.

3 thoughts on “Next Door Dog Situation – UPDATE!!!

  1. Oops, hit enter too soon…

    I hope something bites her for how she treated the poor thing. Of course you don’t leave a dog in a locked car.

  2. I hope the dog is OK too.

    It’s unfortunate that you just have to assume the worst of everyone. On some limited occasions, Rob and I have had to keep Billy the dog in the car for hours when we, for instance, are stuck in Syracuse at his mom’s house with little kids, who Billy likes to BITE indescriminately. But always of course we check on him a lot, walk him, etc., leave windows appropriately open, and he at no time freaks out and howls but instead sleeps calmly under his blanket which we tuck him in with.

    However, you have to assume the woman is a crazy dog-abuser, she assumes you’re an asshole who can’t mind your business, etc. The dog just assumes the people are all fucking nuts.


    Well, I hear you on being worried about the dog and think you didn’t do anything wrong and hope the dog is OK and by the way, why is the hurt friend’s dog not staying with friends instead of the person putting up the hurt friend? I know you don’t know, I’m just saying…

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