Internship: Begin!

Well, look at me. The semester ends and my reliability goes to shit.

My previous regular posting schedule was related to that fact that I was in front of a computer at the same time every week (Fridays, from 12:30 until 2:30) as well as phenomenally bored. Now that the semester is over and my TA position is wrapped up, I won’t be in front of a computer at those times any more. Err, well, I will be but probably shouldn’t be posting to my own personal web page. Confused? Me too. Let me iron it out for you.

This summer, I’ll be interning with the state of Vermont and working on a project they have to conduct a census of every historic barn in the state. It’s a huge project and really exciting, and I’m pretty lucky to be involved. My first day was today and I met some really nice people that I’ll be working with and was shown to a desk which has a phenomenal view of the hills surrounding Montpelier. But I won’t be posting to this blog from work and here’s why; I am technically a state employee and don’t know if it’s allowed (and quite frankly don’t want to find out) and so will err on the side of caution. Also, I’m treating this internship as a way to get good practical experience and a way to develop good contacts for future job hunting and don’t want to soil that mix with any blog-related funnybusiness.


The blog and the job will remain separate, although as the job is part of my life and as I write about my life here, I may make passing comments to places I’ve been/things I’ve learned in the course of the workday.

As far as my posting schedule goes, who knows? I hereby firmly commit to try and post on a semi-regular basis, but whether that means once a week or twice every three I don’t know yet.

But semester #2 of 3 is over and I’m (temporarily) back in the working world and yet again I am a NewGuy outside his comfort zone.

Good times.