The Sweet Combination

…and in other news, Emily and I picked up our wedding bands yesterday. They look fantastic. I’m so glad that each of us picked the one we did. Emily’s is classy and beautiful, just like her. Mine is exactly what I wanted.

It’s funny how the big plans, the ones involving meetings and contracts, just kind of fly right by me. They’re like this big blur. It’s the little things that stand out. It’s the little things that I know I’ll remember forever. I can still remember the way the floor of the cabin felt when I hit one knee and asked the question. I will be able to remember forever they way it felt in the jewelry store when I put that ring on for the for the 1st time and looked at her.

I guess that’s what life is, really. A combination of big plans and little moments. The plans are the path your life takes. The little moments are what makes it worth living.

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