eatin’, drinkin’, laughin’, and smilin’

Last night I sat out in the back yard of a friend, ate a burger and a brat, drank a beer (and by “a” I mean “many”) and enjoyed some good conversation. It was awesome.

The mosquitos were biting, sure. And after we got home I fell asleep on the couch rather than doing some much-needed laundry.  And it’s quite possible that one of the food items may still not be totally in agreement with my stomach.

But last night is what summer nights are supposed to be about. Friends and laughter. Hot food and cold beer. Talking and listening. Smiles.

And you know what?

More of the same is on the way. More of the same leaves New York in about an hour and points its car south. Two great friends are coming in to town for the weekend. We can’t wait.

It’s one of those weekends where I don’t know exactly what we’ll do (drink. eat.) but I know it will be great.

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