2 little things about the walk…

I forgot to mention a couple of things from yesterday’s walk.

  1. To get to the discarded stonework area, you enter the park, make a left at the first intersection and then bear left up a trail through the trees. the stonework is in what was once a secluded area that has now been half eaten up by the Clipper Mill development. Anywho, I scrambled around and took a few pictures and then turned to walk down the hill to the main trail. For some reason I decided to take one last look at where I’d been. It was then that I noticed two people standing further up the side path that I’d been on who had apparently been watching me the whole time. I never got close enough to say hello to them, but their stance and body language suggested that I wasn’t quite welcome. It wasn’t really creepy, just a little weird. I wasted no time in getting the hell out of there.
  2. On the other end of the park’s backcountry I was nearing the end of the secluded part and about to pop back in to civilization near the Druid Hill Park pool. As I walked, I started hearing some pretty loud rustling in the woods to my right. I stopped and looked and guess what? Two deer. Both fawns, I think, and they didn’t look too old. I fumbled with the camera to try to get a pic, but they heard me and started to trot off. I, being the genius that I am, decided to run back the way I’d come on the trail and, I dunno, cut them off at the pass or something. Well, the deer being deer heard me running, freaked out, and RAN. Fast. Yes, I am an idiot

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