Oh, and I also saw Hollywood actor Larry Miller…

So, Boston.

Emily and I spent the weekend in good ol’ Beantown for a college graduation. I’d never been and was pretty excited to meet a new town. And Boston didn’t disappoint. I’m sure it didn’t hurt that we were lucky enough to stay in a nice hotel right in the middle of things, but even so I think I would have liked it regardless of our accommodations. They city is big, sure. But it didn’t feel as out of control as New York sometimes makes me feel or as unmanageably large as I remember LA feeling. Maybe like a larger Seattle with the west coast laid-backedness replaced with the much more familiar and welcome east coast hey-I’m-walkin’-here. Of course, the ultimate test for any new town is the Could I live here? test.

And, yes, I think I could.

Like most of my trips, food was a major focus. Since I like to try copious amounts of the local whatever, here’s how I staked up:

1. New England (Boston) Clam Chowder — 2 bowls; one bread and one not. Both delicious.
2. Boston Baked Beans — Purchased by thoughtful mother in law. Yet to try.
3. Boston Cream Pie — Disturbingly elusive.

Anywho, it was a fantastic weekend. Great times with the family, I got to see some history while on the Freedom Trail, (Which lent itself to countless “I think Freedom just made a left!” jokes. Yes, we know we’re ridiculously hilarious.) and all the while the city served as a refresher for last semester’s american architecture course. Awesome.

Oh, and Emily got to see a friend from way back who was fun to hang out with and who took us to a fantastic brunch. Good times.

(Speaking of american architecture, bonus points if you can find my favorite Boston building in the 1st of the pics below. Super-deluxe bonus points if you can tell me why it’s my fave.)





2 thoughts on “Oh, and I also saw Hollywood actor Larry Miller…

  1. the one reflected in the glass building, because it looks like the bromo seltzer tower. DONE.

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