A beautiful spring day.

Ok, I must now officially quit at least 50% of my bitching. Until the heat of august, I have nothing to complain about.

Spring has come to Vermont.

It’s really a gorgeous temperature today, and not too bad on the humidity front either.

There is, quite literally, not a cloud in the sky.  Perfect.

Campus is crowded today. For a month’s worth of Mondays and Fridays it’s Accepted Students Visiting Days or some such. Right now, the university is overrun by highschool seniors and their parents, looking all around at the place where the kids will spend the next four and the place that will quite probably change thier life.

It’s funny to walk around and see them and remember when I was in their place… thirteen years ago. One thing I’ve noticed is that a good portion of the parent/child groups have one member appearing to be totally scared out of their minds. Sometimes it’s the kids, and sometimes it’s the parents. Regardless, one of them is thinking “Oh my God, what did I get myself in to?”

Other than that, One of my major papers is done, leaving two to go. Oh, and the internship is starting to firm up a little.

This weekend we get to play VT tour guides to Emily’s aunt and cousins. It’ll be good to see them and I do love playing tour guide. Maybe that comes from my days as an undergrad orientation leader.. who knows?

Regardless, the weather will be beautiful and the company will be good.

And that’s what life is all about.

One thought on “A beautiful spring day.

  1. It’s touching 80 today in Charm City, but I’m jealous of you. Why? This simple equation: College + Spring = Sundresses. The derivative of that (oh, yeah, calculus in a metaphor!) is the realization after 5 months (9, after conversion to vermont from midatlantic) of winter, you forget that girls look, like, awesome when not covered in parkas and turtlenecks. And they want to remind you. Oh, but you’re married. My bad.

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