The glass is half full, right?

I’m not really sure I have anything interesting to talk about right now.

I mean. my usual go-to’s (traffic and the weather) just feel a bid over-played and I can’t bring myself to bitch about either one.

The semester is winding down, although you wouldn’t know it from my workload. Three big projects are dangling in front of me and none of them are gathering the momentum they should.

Also, I am as yet internshipless. I need to be internshipful. I’ve applied to three so far and have been rejected by two, and am waiting to hear on a third. And the third is the one I really want. I believe the person who is making the hiring decision may be speaking to my class on Tuesday, so perhaps I’ll learn more then.

All I know now is I really have to buckle down with the school work and get this semester behind me.

But for now, I have a wife to go on a dinner date with, some friends to host for some final four viewing tomorrow, and probably a bacon egg and cheese sandwich or two to eat this weekend.

In all, life’s not so bad.

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