HPSBFFT2008 – Chapter 1: Burlington, VT to Binghamton, NY (286 mi.)

Hello from Binghamton, New York! I like to call it “the Bing”.

I realized on the drive over here that I am approximately one million years old. Or a pussy. Or both.

I mean, honestly. It was raining – raining – for most of the way here. Nothing more. Nothing scarier. But I drove as if I were terrified. And at times, I was terrified. My honda civic weighs about as much as a two-ply tissue and any amount of wind or water will send it careening all over the road. So I drove slow. Too slow, probably.

But I made it (eventually) and was greeted with warm friendship, hot spiedies (look it up) and cold beer. After some music and some Flight of the Conchords, Nick and I played a furious session of Connect Four and drank what will probably prove to be too many beers.

This leg of the trip has featured nothing preservation-related to speak of, unless you count some stressing over a phone interview I have scheduled for next Friday.

Tomorrow, I turn south and head to Baltimore, for an agressive schedule of catching up with friends.

Will I have time for fast food breakfast? Oh, rest assured, I will.

1 thought on “HPSBFFT2008 – Chapter 1: Burlington, VT to Binghamton, NY (286 mi.)

  1. Hey there,
    I have decided you are awesome, this is so fun!!

    I think you have inspired me. I was writing to you all about my adventure so far and realized I was using your blog to blog about me, probably a major faux-pas in blogging world. So I will start my own today!

    Love hearing about your travels, can not wait to hear about bisuit world, until then go for McDonald’s pancakes and sausage, after all syrup in a little foil covered box is always great!!

    Have fun, be safe, jessie

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