While I Have You…

I think my least favorite phrase of the week has been “While I have you on the phone…”

That’s been said to me, like, a hundred times since Monday and each time nothing good has come from it. It’s never, “While I have you one the phone, let me read you some winning lottery numbers.” or “While I have you on the phone let me conference in some interesting and influential historical figures from ages past for you to shoot the breeze with; hang on, what was Lincoln’s extension again?”

Nope, it’s always always always “Let me ask you this trivial and easy-to-answer question; oh, and while I have you on the phone, let me assign you a critical and yet somehow impossible task that needs to be completed just as soon as possible.”

All’s well though, because it’s Friday. More specifically it’s that time on Friday where I start getting antsy and trying to scheme my way out of work early.

Nothing big planned this weekend, although I feel like “housekeeping” should fall in to the mix somewhere. Tonight, Emily, Ben and I are going to try out the new (or maybe just new-to-us) farmer’s market that, based on it’s address, sounds to me like it’s located right next to the city’s trash lot at 28th and Sission. As long as it’s not in the trash lot, we should be ok. Apparently on Fridays they have some sort of Carribean-themed dinner for only $10. Sounds jerk-o-licious to me. It’s BYOB, but seeing as I have my OB that is A-OK.

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