DST, Fightin’ an Old Lady, and Fried Chicken

Am I getting old?

I don’t think I partied like a rock star this weekend, and yet Saturday’s game-day festivities combined with daylight savings time have me almost totally exhausted.

Yes, that’s right. My ass. Kicked. By Daylight Savings Time.

I am almost too embarrassed to write that.

Friday turned out to not be the balls-to-the-wall going out and getting wasted that it was rumored to be which, in all honesty, I was totally fine with. What it was was an evening of pizza and beer and a warm cozy house filled with laughter. Good times.

Saturday started pretty doggone early, but by design of course. We made it down to kegs ‘n eggs in Federal Hill by 7:30 or so, and I had my 1st beer in hand by about 8. Much good food, many friends, and a looong game of cups later it was time to head over to the stadium and watch the Notre Dame-Navy game.

Luckily, Notre Dame won thus extending their Navy-beating streak to (I think) 43 years and ensuring that I wouldn’t be considered a jinx on their good luck. It was a fun, if windy time in which there were only about 5 minutes where I was considering starting a fight with an elderly woman.

But, honestly, Emily didn’t mean to spill some beer down the back of the lady in front of us and was completely, totally, and sincerely apologetic about the incident. Moreover, the lady was wearing a fundamentally waterproof windbreaker, the likes of which I bet deckhands on merchant ships in the North Sea would be happy to get their hands on. What set me off was when Spilled-On-In-Technicality-Only turned to Emily and said, in a voice that sounded exactly like a yellow sour patch kid tastes, “Well, do you at least have a napkin or something?” In my head, I vaulted over the seat and pile-drove the crone down in to the Club Level. What I said was “Oh, no, I’m sorry we don’t. We didn’t exactly plan for this to happen, you know.” She looked at me, killed me with her eyes, and turned around; nevermore to rotate in our direction. And I? I chalked it up as yet another Victory.

Anywho, after the game, we went back to the site of the earlier kegs ‘n eggs and I, being the hard core, go-get-em, party guy I am – well, I passed out on the couch. And then, later, was in bed by about 9:30.

So Saturday kind of wiped me out and then this whole time change thing through me off and now my body doesn’t know where, when, or anything else.

I do know two things though: I just got a new game for the PS2 which kicks all kinds of ass. And also I am going to attempt to make fried chicken for dinner later this week and am turbo excited about that. I just made up my own recipe too.

We’ll see how it goes. Ok, officially, this is easily the most disjointed post I’ve seen today.

You’re welcome.

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