12 beers, 10 bags of trash, 2 steaks, one busy weekend.

For a quiet weekend, we sure got a hell of alot done.

Nothing huge on Friday – met up with Ben and headed over for the Mexi-tastic Los Amigos over on Harford Road. Or is it Belair?  Wait…  Google Maps tells me it’s Harford.

Anywho, the mexican was awesome, and we returned home to… do nothing. And it was aweseom. The neighbors came home after a bit and the five of us sat around on the back porch and just shot the breeze. Chatted about everything and nothing. Drank some beer. It was everything a quiet Friday night should be.

Saturday, Emily and I attacked the basement. Showed it who’s boss. (Emily. With me a close second.) The clutter down there was getting a bit out of hand and with the expectation of returning from our wedding in a few months owning every kind of blender, panini press, cookware, crokery, and maybe a monkey butler, we decided we needed more storage room. So, down in to the batcave we went – armed with some hefty bags and a fierce determination to civilize the untamed wastes.


I don’t know if we did all that, but we definitely bagged up a half-dozen bags of trash or so and drove down to the recycling lot/mini-dump on Sisson with 2 big bundles of broken-down cardboard and one past-its-prime hamper.

With all that work done, there was nothing left to do but grill! And grill we did. Steak, mushrooms, ‘sparagus, and some whole-grain rolls (y’know, for the starch). Fantastic.

By Sunday, our energy was not in effect. And we had yardwork to do. Somehow we got it done though. 4 more trashbags of general yard waste, one giant shrub brought under control, and the weedy, wild border of our yard a little less weedy and alot less wild.

Filled out the DJ’s book for the reception – specified the must-haves and the oh-hell-no’s. Today I printed the wedding invitation inserts (directions and hotel info and whatnot) and , I believe, invitations will be stuffed this week and out after that.

Oh, and we fly to another wedding this weekend. This time: Missouri.

So busy, but having fun along the way.

Isn’t that what life is. What life should be?

2 thoughts on “12 beers, 10 bags of trash, 2 steaks, one busy weekend.

  1. i went to the sisson st dump on saturday, too! i filled the trunk of my car with concrete, then carefully steered my overloaded car around potholes all the way to the dump, only to be told that cement goes to a different dump – a far away across town dump. so i drove all the way to the other dump, just as carefully, and it was closed! at 1pm on a saturday?? too bad i don’t have my own blog, or i could tell you how i finally got rid of the concrete…

  2. Mike, I think I should tell you that it’s no longer P.C. to refer to people as your “Monkey Butler”. Good god… I’m definitely going to wear my flack jacket the next time we’re out in public together…

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