This entry really made me crave a cheese steak. You know, for balance.

QUESTION FOR PEOPLE WHO RUN BUT WHO ARE NOT “RUNNERS” (And, yes, in my head that distinction does make sense.):

If you run while at the gym, how long do you go? Is 15 minutes a good amount? Too short?

I hate (haaaaaaate) running. But, I like all kinds of things about what it does to me. How easy it is to lose the pounds, how I feel after, how easy it is to see improvements in lung capacity, heart rate, and overall stamina. So I’m going to try to work it back in to my routine. First step is, naturally, establishing a routine. This is tough and I’ll tell you why. It’s because I am a procrastinator with a willpower made out of damp tissue paper.

Here’s what I’m thinking. Get to the gym, 15 minute warm up on some sort of cardio machine, walk on the track for 5, run for 5, fast walk for 5, run for 10, cool down walk for 5, finish up with another cardio machine for 15. That gives me an hour of good heart-pumpin’ workout, a quarter of which is running which usually kicks my ass much harder than any of the other activities.

So, healthy people, what do you think? Good scheme?


2 thoughts on “This entry really made me crave a cheese steak. You know, for balance.

  1. I have just started training for a 10k run that is in September. I run, but am not a runner (that made perfect sense to me!). I recommend reading some training methods. The Bridge-to-Brisbane which is the 10k I want to do in Sept, has a training program on it’s website and it is similar to what you’ve said and each week you build up to more running. And a friend recommended Hal Higdon to me – I’ve only done 5 runs so far. I use runkeeper (which is an app for iphone or android and possibly available on blackberry, not sure). And I post to FB and twitter to keep me accountable. Half the battle is getting out and doing it and motivating yourself, b/c no one else will.

  2. Thanks, Aroha! A few months ago I worked my way through a podcast series called “Couch to 5K” which did exactly what it advertised. I didn’t have a 5k rrun in mind, I just wanted to get off my @ss and start being more healthy. It worked really well, but now that it’s over – with no goal post in mind – I still want to work running into my workout routine. I’ll take a look at your links!

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